Saturday, April 11, 2009

i looove cmu...

central mindanao university, cmu to many, is one of the two state universities in bukidnon, although cmu is older. in fact, it will celebrate its centennial next year. it's a good place to be, to raise a family, to study, to be healthy. every morning, you can go biking or cycling around campus. or you can just walk and jog. in the afternoon, you can have your choice of a patch of grass to lay on to read your book, or basically just do nothing. or you can picnic and play games with friends.there's a pool if one decides to swim, where nearby a karaoke gives chance to anyone who wishes to exercise his/her vocal chords. there is a university commercial center (market) where for PhP 15, you can get a decent filling snack of either grilled ripe banana coated with butter and sugar with halo-halo (a mix of every condiment available, topped with a scoop of home-made ice cream); or get spicy noodles (batchoy) plus soda (often pop cola).
it is a simple university. perhaps in ten years, it will become more equipped and indeed realize its dream of being the academic paradise in the southern part of the philippines.
i wish to contribute in realizing that dream, for sure. i have loved this place. it is not my alma mater but it is my current vineyard and i shall do my best to be a good worker. please come and visit.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

the monastery,

it is simply known as the 'monastery'. no one has to elaborate when asked how to get to the monastery. it is simply a lovely structure erected in the middle of a hill where one never fails to feel the presence of the one who created everything. the monastery of transfiguration, where one gets to be transfigured either for a few hours or forever. it's lovely angles continue to honor the shapes of the mountains that stand witness to the comings and goings of people who may either desire deeply or superficially transfiguration in their lives.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

a tribute to my birthplace;

bukidnon my home--> wherever i may roam/the distant land to see/i long to go back soon/to sweet bukidnon home/where lovely mountains high/with forest old and grand/bring memories to me/the home i long to see/there my heart/yearns to be/in far away bukidnon land/under its blue, starry skies/where love and joy/never dies/